A passionate, independent communications company specializing in healthcare since 1982


Welcome to Hamilton Communications, a passionate, independent communications company specializing in healthcare since 1982.

We are a company united by our belief in the power of strong and unique ideas that get you closer to your customers.

Whether we’re launching a new product, navigating a tricky market landscape, or creating a new brand and campaign, we believe every initiative and tactic should stem from a big idea that grows your business.

At Hamilton Communications, we are driven by Our Charter - to promote an environment of excellence and growth for our people, to orchestrate a close client and customer relationship, to create outstanding communications, strategies, and programs, to demand the best of ourselves and each other, to uphold the highest standards of quality in everything we do, to enjoy our work, our clients, and one another. In essence, to build the kind of company we always wanted to work for.



Our passion is at the core of everything we do. Here’s just a little taste of some of the work we’re most proud of.

Corporate Branding


Direct to Healthcare Professional


Direct to Patient


Product and Brand Launch


Market Research


Convention Booth


Website Development


Patient Story Video


Digital Marketing



Whether it’s strategic thinking, inspiring advertising, compelling experiences, or digital solutions you’re looking for, we’re well-suited to meet all your needs.

ROSE & FIRE: strategic thinking®

In the business world, the stakes are incredibly high. Without a well-thought-out and developed strategy, a company can head in the wrong direction, wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

Specializing in strategy, Rose & Fire has the proven methodologies and tested tools to help navigate risk and maximize reward.


  • Mapping Approach to Strategy™
  • Customer Listening and Market Research Assessments
  • Strategic Gaming Workshops
  • Psychographic Profiling
  • Product Positioning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Marketing Skills Development Workshops

HAMILTON: inspired advertising®

People connect with good ideas. People remember unique ideas. But most importantly, people relate to good, unique, and relevant ideas.

From market development to brand launches to mature brand revitalization, Hamilton Healthcare starts with the customer to ensure sound thinking, inspire big ideas, and provide outstanding creative development and tactical execution.


  • Brand Identity
  • Advertising
  • Sales Collateral
  • Patient Programs
  • Direct Marketing
  • Product Launches

QUARTERMOON: compelling experiences®

Your brand can be defined by the impression it leaves on your customers. Make it a compelling experience, and your brand will be locked in their minds.

Taking communications outside of traditional print and into the third dimension, Quartermoon develops, dimensionalizes, and brands your internal and external opportunities so they are experienced—talked about—and remembered.


  • Environmental Branding & Space Planning
  • Dimensional Design
  • Geofencing Advertisements
  • Conference Booth Design and Promotions
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Management and Coordination

HUMMINGBIRD: digital solutions®

Your customer is using their smartphone more than ever before – Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram. Your brand can be accessed and shared quicker and more often than you can imagine.

And whether it’s an iPad app, a Web experience, a viral video, or a Facebook page, Hummingbird is ready to help you imagine, understand, and execute digital solutions that connect, engage, and activate your customers.


  • Testimonial and Administration Videos
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Mobile Apps
  • Interactive Selling Approaches
  • Logo/Brand Icon Animations
  • Social Media Pages and Communications
  • Website Development


To learn more about how Hamilton Communications may be of value to you, or if you’re interested in joining our team, we invite you to contact us.


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Hamilton Communications
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Corporate Branding

Aligning with the launch of their first offering, Durata Therapeutics needed new branding that would convey the innovative spirit of their company, as well as the benefits they would bring to the institutions, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Direct to Healthcare Professional

With the expansion of their portfolio, Salter Labs needed new sales collateral that would introduce their new offerings. Leveraging customer insights, we created a piece that connected with the NICU nurses at the highest emotional and personal level.

Direct to Patient

With the advancements experienced in Hemophilia over the last decade, patients are living longer and healthier. Hemophilia is just a small part of aging. The Perspectives series captures true life experiences and perspectives from patients on a range of aging and lifestyle topics.

Product and Brand Launch

When you have a change agent, you need a change brand. Meet Vance! Vance, Dalvance's icon, represents the brand's key benefits:

Market Research

There's nothing like being in the same room with your customer! Whether it's brand testing, story development, or the understanding of mindsets and behaviors, we believe that listening to the customer and translating the listening to strategic insights and learnings guarantee success every time.

Convention Booth

100s of booths, 100s of sales pitches, 100s of new programs and brands, how do you ensure a memorable experience? Answer: meet your customers where they are and take them to where they want to be. The theme "Build Tomorrow Today" spoke to the Hemophilia Community and connected at those exact levels.

Website Development

To convey the simplicity of its "ready to infuse" differentiation, Glassia's website is clean, modern, and user-friendly. Its liquid formulation is graphically represented and engages the visitors immediately. The navigation is straightforward and visually stimulating, guiding the visitors through the information and support.

Video Production

You can! That's exactly what these videos express. Hemophilia patients share their stories and how Advate has helped them achieve their full potential. These videos allow patients to discover and be inspired by the journeys of others just like them. The series includes segment-specific stories to allow for the personal and relevant connection.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is so much more than just taking what you do in print and turning it into a digital version for iPad use. It's about creating a truly interactive and customizable experience for your customers. With a comprehensive story, we aimed to create an engaging approach to navigation that would allow the sales reps to easily maneuver their way through the story and provide a unique experience for each of their customers.